Review: Sentey GS6060 Ghost Plus Computer Case

I replaced my cheap Ultra X-Blaster V2 with the Sentey Ghost Plus and I have to say apart from looking much more cool, it really wasn’t an upgrade, the system temperatures have remained the same except the stock AMD CPU cooler is working much harder to maintain the same temperature despite having two extra case fans, I currently have six case fans, 5 x 120mm, 1 x 180mm installed.

Sentey GS6060

Although I am not too disappointed as I picked up this case for $40, the case normally retails for $74.99. So moving onto the specs, the Ghost Plus measures 190mm x 465mm x 485mm (W x H x D), has 5 x 5.25 tool-less drive bays with spring loaded top bay for an optical drive and four tool-less mounting trays for 3.5 or 2.5 hard disk drives . The GS6060 Plus comes as standard with 2 x 120mm fans, front and rear and 180mm side fan, the front 120mm and side 180mm fans feature blue LEDs. The case also has space for an additional three fans, two 120mm top mounts and one 120mm mount at the bottom of the case, which I have three 120mm case fans mounted for additional cooling

The PCI expansion bays also feature tool-less clips but in my view they are useless, I attempted to install my double bay graphics card and the clip broke, some quality issues here as I wasn’t putting that much pressure on the clip. The net result is that I completely removed these clips and screwed the card directly onto the backplate, it’s not like I swap out PCI-e cards on a regular basis.

On the exterior of the case, there are three USB2 and one USB3 ports as well as 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks. Just in front of the USB/headphone/microphone inputs are two knobs that control the fan speed of whatever fans you connect to it’s Molex connectors. The USB3 port is a pass-through to the rear of the case, which is a big reason I went for the GS6060 Plus, my motherboard, although only a couple of months old does not feature an internal USB3 header.

A little bit of advice, if you want to maximise your cooling with this case, remove all the foam dust inserts on the inside of the drive bay covers, front fan grill and side fan grill. My CPU (AMD FX8350) temperatures have dropped from 60°C to 51°C by just removing six pieces of foam.

Overall, I would recommend this case if you can get it for $40, but it’s certainly not worth the recommended retail price of $75, when looking at that price bracket, look towards the Coolermaster HAF 912. The internals of this case are cheaply made as demonstrated by the PCI bay clips breaking so easily. If you need an affordable case with decent included cooling and you can get this case for less than $50, go for it but don’t expect top quality from this budget Sentey case.

Update [Jun, 11 2013, 14:21]: I have been noticing some serious logistical issues with the GS 6060 chassis in the last week. I was thinking of swapping out some of my cheap Coolermaster case fans for something with more airflow but I have discovered that I can not remove the top plastic cover after installing fans without removing the motherboard first. Also I replaced my front fan with a non-LED fan and for that I popped off the front panel, unscrewed the two screws holding the fan in place, but still had to unscrew and remove a metal plate to remove the fan from the chassis.

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