Start is Back, Get the “Real” Windows Start Menu back in Windows 8

One of my biggest annoyances with Windows 8 is the removal of the traditional Windows 7 Start Menu forcing you to use the interface formerly known as Metro. But now there is a piece of software that returns the Windows 7 start menu to it’s rightful place in the bottom left corner of your screen!

The software is called “Start Is Back“, and the clever people behind it discovered that Microsoft didn’t remove all the backend gubbings of the start menu, they simply removed the visible aspects and Start is Back reinstates the original Start Menu with some added customizations. You still have the ability to use the Start screen if you wish; but it can be completely disabled to give you a Windows 7 look and feel. The best thing of all; it costs as little as $1 per licence ($5/5 Licences)!

Start Is Back

Screenshot of my personal laptop, this is no promo image, this how it really looks!

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