Is Hulu in bed with Microsoft?

Over the last couple of months I have been noticing that when using Hulu Plus on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, after the first advert break, the programme fails to resume, sitting there on a black screen indefinitely. I have to refresh the page, which triggers another set of adverts before resuming, I have to do this nearly every ad break. But when using Internet Explorer 10; I never have this problem, which makes me question whether Hulu are doing something on non-IE browsers to make the Microsoft browser look better, true or false, it’s annoying being forced to use IE10!

2 thoughts on “Is Hulu in bed with Microsoft?

  • Meow commented on June 23, 2013 at 21:17

    Why do we always have to spin it negatively when it comes to Microsoft? Truth be told, the IE10 engine is by far the best out there (note that i’m saying engine, not browser, as the browser itself lacks some functionality such as a good plugin/addon library). In my experience, websites load *much* faster, it uses much less CPU power and RAM, also i know it sounds crazy, but Youtube videos load instantaneously compared to Firefox or Chrome, where I usually have to wait a couple of seconds until the video loads. Also, as a web developer I can say that the IE10 engine is more standards-compliant than other browsers. There are no proprietary extensions such as the ones you can find on WebKit-based browsers (which are set to change). IE10 is pure, raw HTML5 and CSS3. Just my 2 cents.

  • I’ll agree that IE 10 is better than any previous incarnation of the browser by some margin, but it still falls behind in the support for the latest technologies, I used and Firefox 21 came out well ahead of IE 10. Firefox scores 399 + 14 bonus points while IE 10 scored 320 + 6 bonus points. And again Firefox 21 beats IE 10, 57% to 54% on In reality, both browsers need to do some work to become fully compliant but at this moment IE is still lagging behind. Going back to the post; the problem with Hulu Plus only just started, it worked fine in Firefox and Chrome previously, now suddenly it doesn’t yet IE 10 is perfect with Hulu!

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