Shocked but happy with The Voice UK final result!

Last weekend saw the live final of the Voice UK and the winner was a shocking decision for many critics and fans alike; although I thought that the right winner was chosen unlike last year when winner Leanne Michell flopped big time failing to make it into the top 40 chart with her first single.

Andrea Begley wins The Voice UK
Northern Irish singer Andrea Begley wins The Voice UK ahead of favourite Leah McFall

Partially sighted Northern Irish singer Andrea Begley took The Voice 2013 crown ahead of the favourite Leah McFall. I personally really liked Andrea’s voice, it’s soothing yet emotional, I really liked the version of Evanescence’s “My Immortal” that Andrea performed in The Voice live final.

Leah is a great singer, there is no doubt of that but I felt that her high pitched voice was overused and became tiring to my ears. In my view it’s a case of just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. This is one of my bugbears of the Voice shows around the World, there is too much unnecessary vocal gymnastics, something that Andrea didn’t partake in, which is what endeared her to me. Plus I am sure that Leah will be picked up by a record label despite losing!

I do wonder whether the Voice is fixed, as I expressed last year, it seems that the winner is not the public favourite, the torrent of angry tweets from Leah’s fans seem to suggest that is the case, I’ve not seen too many tweets in support of Andrea’s victory, but I’m happy with the winner! I would actually go out and buy Andrea’s music, something I don’t do often, I usually listen to Pandora!

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