The perils of skimping on cases when building a PC!

A few months back I built myself a new PC build for my work needs, and I skimped on the case to purchase better internal components, buying an Ultra X-Blaster V2 with Ultra 550w power supply. But I had to purchase another supply supply as the P4 power cable was too short to reach the standard ATX P4 connector on my Asus motherboard. By the time I added another $50 for the second power supply, I had paid $110, I might as well have bought a better case in the first place.

Then I replaced the X-Blaster V2 with a Sentey Ghost Plus (GS6060) which I picked up on sale for $40. It looks better but doesn’t perform any better than the case it replaced. After I installed the fans and got it up and running, I wanted to replace a couple of fans, but I need to basically rebuild the computer to swap out the fans as I can not remove the fans without taking the motherboard out.

Now I have just ordered a Coolermaster HAF 912 mid tower case, which is what I should have bought instead of the Sentey, it was only $20 more expensive. I also bought two Coolermaster 200mm case fans for front and top of the chassis and a Coolermaster 140mm case fan for the side panel to add to the 120mm that comes pre-installed at the rear. In addition to the case stuff, I have also purchased a Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler to replace the stock AMD FX 8350 heatsink & fan!

The moral of the story, don’t skimp of the case, you will regret it as you’ll be spending more $$$, especially if you are building a high performance PC as the cheaper cases don’t allow for the larger CPU coolers that are needed to efficiently cool the latest generation of processors to be installed.

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