America’s Independence Day, July 4th, Idiots Abound!

We have just finished with the fourth of July celebrations and my overriding thoughts are of the amount if idiocy I witness during the day. So let’s start with the city ordinance that prohibits the use of fireworks that launch higher than six feet, almost everyone completely ignored that rule. Most of the people in our street launched fireworks despite a note from the management company prohibiting fireworks of any kind. And worse of all, some idiots were setting off fireworks either at the edge of the road or on the road, infact we ran over a bunch of fireworks setup on the road.

Also on my way home from a fireworks display, I was turning onto the connecting road between I135 and highway 96, I have my turn signal on to indicate my intention to leave the highway, but the car behind me attempts to overtake me using the off ramp which I was turning onto. He almost drove into the back of me because he was attempting the stupid move, then started aggressively flashing his lights at me, taligating my SUV. I had an almost overwhelming urge to brake test the idiot but thought better of it because I had my kids in the back. Another case of the idiocy in this state.

Back to the fireworks display, it was disappointing to say the least, a real lack of coordination and very short, 6 – 7 minutes long, the private fireworks were better than this organised display put on by Park City. I guess I cant complain too much really, it was completely free and the budget for these events are probably small given the financial state of the US of A at this time!

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