3 days of a new school and my son’s deteriorating behaviour!

My nine year old son’s attitude sucks over this weekend, when before he started his new school he was fairly well behaved over the whole of the summer. Yesterday, he called his mother a hog because she ate the last Quesadilla slice that had been sat in the fridge for three days and suddenly keeps on calling his mother by her first name. He’s been incredibly argumentative and even continued being argumentative after I revoked his computer privileges. The only difference is his new school, I don’t seem to be able to find his teacher anywhere when I pick my son up from school and I am not allowed inside the school in the mornings, it really feels like we are being frozen out of his education. My wife and I really don’t like the closed nature of this school, so much so that we are considering a special transfer, his previous school had an open door policy, which we really liked!

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