I’m never buying from China via eBay ever again!

A couple of weeks ago I won an auction on Ebay for a generic class 10 32GB MicroSD Card and today I received the card and it failed within 10 minutes of inserting the card into my Samsung Galaxy S4 while transferring files. The net result is that I am out of $14.36, I went against my better instincts and purchased the card from China and now I find myself wishing that I did follow my instincts and spent the extra $10 for a branded card from inside the US. Anyway, this is the last time that I will purchase anything directly from china, there is clearly a lack of quality coming from China via eBay.

2 thoughts on “I’m never buying from China via eBay ever again!

  • Eunice A
    February 17, 2015 at 18:39

    I bought a dress from eBay showing a celebrity in a dress for a cheaper price. The only thing this dress had in common with the picture was the color. This was a joke, it was pitiful and despicable and I will never buy anything from China via eBay again.

  • KC
    July 16, 2015 at 09:23

    Same here. Never again will I buy anything from China on Ebay. They took my money and then shut down the Ebay account. they probably have a way of getting many many people to give them positive reviews so they can steal people’s money. However I will also never buy an unbranded memory card or stick again… they neva work whether from China or wherever. They all made in freaking china anyway.

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