Luis Suarez: Stop Whining & Play Like Your Life Depended On It

I’m getting really sick and tired of the Luis Suarez saga. Normally I would say let the player go if he wants out as long as the club doesn’t make a financial loss in the transfer. But Liverpool owner John W Henry makes a good point, why sell a prolific goal scorer like Suarez to a rival Premiership team?

Meanwhile Suarez is still claiming that Liverpool’s management verbally agreed to him leaving Anfield should the Reds fail to make the Champions League, but it’s not written in the contract extension he signed 12 months ago, suck it up, stop whining and play like your life depended on it!

The Uruguayan international has tried everything to get out of his contract with Liverpool, most of it very underhand, using the media as a tool to force Liverpool’s hand. Suarez also told the press that he will take legal action should Brendan Rogers and the Liverpool board not let him leave the Reds after the £40m plus £1 offer from Arsenal, which in itself is suspect, Suarez’ agent sharing contract details with Arsenal? £40m + £1 is an awfully odd bid if Arsenal didn’t know about the clause, which is a breach of FA rules. Anyway, despite this claim of legal action, it hasn’t happened, nor has an official transfer request been submitted. I don’t know how things work in South America, but in Europe doing your talking through the press is the incorrect way of moving football club.

Another thing that I call bullshit on, Suarez has used the hounding by the British press as one of his reasons for wanting out, if that is the case, why does he want to move to Arsenal, another English club? He’ll get an even harder time at Arsenal after his behaviour over the summer months.

Bottom line, Liverpool have a cast iron contract which keeps Suarez at the club until 2016, he needs to tread carefully, Liverpool could end his career, making him sit on the sidelines for the next three years. Manager Brendan Rogers has told Suarez that he needs to apologise to his team mates and backroom staff, which he is rumoured to have refused to do, according to Sky Sports Twitter Feed.

I personally believe that Suarez is the biggest mistake that Liverpool have made in the last few years, that includes the appointment of Roy Hodgson. He has been a constant liability, two lengthy bans and multiple unnecessary infractions. And all this in a 3 1/2 year period. It doesn’t matter how talented the player is if he spends dozens of games unavailable because of poor conduct!

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