Please, not another relegaton battling season!

After three games of the new season, Argyle are already in the bottom two teams of League Two and out of the League Cup at the first hurdle having conceded a total of six goals in three games. This gives me great cause to worry about Argyle’s future as a football league club, despite the comings and goings in the off season, Argyle’s core problems remain with the biggest problem being the lack of a consistent goal scorer and I believe defensively Argyle are weaker than last season.

I hope that you have a solution John Sheridan? from a fans perspective, things are not looking good, being beaten 0 – 2 at Home Park in the first home game of the season is not what is expected. The way things have been in the past three seasons, it’s hard to imagine that just four years ago, Plymouth were a championship team. When your first choice XI turn up at Home Park and look like the visiting side, there are serious issues within the club, do the Argyle board have a solution?

Maybe the solution is that everyone gets minimum wage and gets bonuses for winning games and on an individual basis, a goal scoring bonus. Based upon the performance that was put forward on Saturday, I would have fired the entire squad and promoted the under 18s to the first team.

Bottom line is this; if Argyle can not put together a string of points scoring results, this season will be another long and painful battle with relegation. Even the most ardent of fan will start to give up hope on the current regime and save their money, staying at home instead of coming to home games, let alone, traveling to away games, who wants to see their beloved team lose every damn week?

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