Domain transfer from Bluehost to Bluehost – FAIL!

This evening I initiated a domain transfer between my personal hosting account and my employers VPS server both hosted with Bluehost. When attempting to transfer, the system notifies me that I need to assign the domain(s) to the VPS cPanel account, which I did and the system informed me that it will take 5 – 15 minutes to complete. Now it’s nearly an hour later and the domains have been disassociated with my personal account and still has not been associated with the new VPS server location, meaning that the websites are currently unavailable. Why on Earth would you take the old website down before the new one is up and running? I copied the files and mysql database to the new server location and the website is working, just not on it’s intended domain name.

Continuation & Resolution:

I called Bluehost technical support and the second half of the automated transfer never took place so the rep, Steven instructed me to re-add the domains as unassigned and then assign them from the domain manager once the domains were added. Clearly there is an issue with the automatic transfer system, so if this happen to you, just re-add the domains as unassigned; then assign them from the domain manager. The process should take less than five minutes to complete per domain.

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