Manufactured Formula One

We already have a bunch of artificial aids in F1 to make racing more exciting such as DRS, KERS and fast degrading tyres. But now after Jean Todt was re-elected as FIA president, we have more harebrained ideas including mandatory two pitstops and double points for the season’s finale.

The mandatory two pitstop proposal was pissed on by all the teams involved in F1, so at least this nonsense wont be happening, at least not next season. It’s bad enough that the FIA already impose a mandatory pitstop by way of forcing teams to use both tyre compounds. Not sure which, either the teams have managed to engineer their cars to go easier on the tyres or Pirelli have been making more durable compounds; the net result is that some teams can run the whole race with just one pitstop. I think it’s time to return to refuelling and allow teams to use as many or as few tyres as they like instead of Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA’s manufactured view of what F1 should be.

The season’s finale double points idea has been universally condemned by most drivers except Sergio Perez. It’s a stupid idea which is grossly unfair to the drivers that have driven well all season to gain a decent lead in the championship only to be usurped at the final race because the winning driver can scoop 50 points. If this points system was in place during the last six years, Lewis Hamilton would not have been world champion in 2008 and Fernando Alonso would have beaten Vettel to the title in 2012. This double points idea is as stupid as Bernie’s “artificial rain” idea.

There are two other sporting regulations coming into force next season; firstly, drivers will choose a first, second and third preferred number between 2 and 99 that they will carry for the lifespan of the F1 career, which is silly and pointless in my view, the current system works fine. Secondly, a new five second penalty for minor infractions, which is not so silly, but it probably wont work because of the inconsistent stewardship at races, some drivers get punished while others get away scotfree.

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