Are Kansas legislators deliberately sabotaging the state?

Legislators in Kansas have drafted a bill that would block investment in network infrastructure, e.g. gigabit Internet from companies like Google or even local start-ups that provide upgraded infrastructure for video/Internet, usually at a lower price-point. In my opinion I believe this is related to existing companies in Kansas, Cox/AT&T lobbying (read: bribe) local government officials to write these laws because they know that if Google Fiber came to major Kansas cities, it would kill the current ISP’s, $70 for gigabit Google Fiber while Cox charges $100 for 150 megabit.

Not only is this bill draconian in nature; it stifles competition and innovation which in turn screws over consumers, more competition means a better deal for consumers, fact! It also damages the state’s prospects to develop new business interests, I bet businesses would flock to Kansas if it had affordable gigabit infrastructure, given it’s central location and lots of open space to build on.

This bill claims to protect competition by prohibiting competition coming into the local area?!?!

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