Display Problems on Dell 15 i15-1821BK Laptop after Windows 8.1 Update!

About a year ago we bought my mother-in-law a Dell Inspiron 15 i15-1821BK Laptop for mother’s day and she loved it. But since upgrading to Windows 8.1 about three weeks ago, it has had random display issues requiring a hard reboot each time. Last weekend I updated the display, network and audio drivers as well as updating the BIOS, thinking that it’s an outdated driver issue. I thought this had fixed the issue as I used the laptop for about 90 minutes without any issues; but the issues have since reoccurred. I’m wondering whether there is an hardware incompatibility with Windows 8.1. Before the update, the display was absolutely fine so I’m thinking that a rollback to Windows 8 is what is required. Either way, a year old laptop shouldn’t be having display issues like this.

Update [Feb, 28 2014, 08:19]: After updating every driver for every device on the laptop without success, I refreshed back to before the 8.1 update and everything works just fine. So it looks like something in Windows 8.1 doesn’t play nice with the Inspiron 15 i15-1821BK’s hardware.

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