Review: JVC HA-RX900 Full Size Headphones

After skimping on headphones for years, not spending over $20 in the last 10 years, I decided to go ahead and treat myself to a decent set of cans. After reading a load of reviews and forums I decided to spend my money on the JVC HA-RX900 over the ear full size headphones and I have to say that I am very impressed. The HA-RX900 have a recommended retail price of $100 but I picked mine up for $52 from, which is a bargain, the X900’s would be great value at $100 in my view!

JVC HA-RX900 Headphones

First thing to say about these headphones is they are very large; but well weighted and by far the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn. The HA-RX900 have large cushioned earpads which sit over the ear nicely creating a decent seal on my head keeping the sound in. I can wear these cans comfortably for hours without feeling fatigued, I’d definitely give the JVC’s a 9/10 for comfort and design, but it’s not the sort of headphones you’d want to wear outside with your mp3 player.

Now we come to the most important aspect of the JVC HA-RX900, the sound; I tested with my Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro external soundcard and Onkyo HTR-380 A/V receiver. The bass response is adequate, enough to rattle my eardrums when the volume is cranked up while still remaining controlled and punchy. The high end is very crisp and detailed, I’m able to pick out little nuances in music that I missed with cheaper headphones. I do have one niggle; the mids seem a little sat back in the mix, especially in metal music where those mids are all important, but it’s such a small niggle I can overlook it. Overall the mix is very pleasing to the ear and never fatiguing, unless of course you push them beyond their limits, then the HA-RX900s start to sound a little harsh.

I also like the 11.5ft cord length; not everyone sits right next to their source; a lot of headphones on the market have 6ft or less, it’s a refreshing change to see a manufacturer take this into account.

I can’t say that the JVC HA-RX900 are the best headphones in this price range as I haven’t tested them all. But I’d have to say that I’d be impressed if there are better sounding “all-round” headphones for $52. The thing is with sound; it’s very subjective; I love the sound of the HA-RX900s but someone else might not like the neutral balance wanting more bass, mids or highs!

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