Craigslist really are determined to kill off any creativity!

Today I posted to Craigslist as I do every day as it’s part of my job role and it (Craigslist) has now restricted the use of the style html tag, it doesn’t strip it out; it straight up refuses to let you post until you remove any and all style= code. Now you have to use whatever font Craigslist chooses.

Update [3/21/2014]: It appears that CL is stripping out the code now, check your postings!

In addition to this; it seems I can not watermark my photography of the properties to protect myself and my company from fraudulent use of the images. Craiglist took down an existing post after adding new photos with watermarks without notice. It really seems that Craigslist is a scammers paradise. My legitimate posts get deleted while rent to own and scammers posts remain untouched!

I have also noticed that just above the posting body form field, it now says “please enter phone numbers as contact info above, not in posting body below”, so I expect that posts will get deleted if you type a phone number or Email address. All my ads have telephone number and contact form URL. The simple reason I add contact details in the body is because users miss the CL contact button!

It truly baffles me why Craigslist keep on further restricting their service; eventually even the most hardcore advertiser will abandon Craigslist, a classified service without ads is pointless. I wonder if this is the master plan to become a pay service; driving away users and relaunching as a $$$ service!

Update [3/23/2014]: Since the latest changes and removing the now prohibited code, all my posts are being deleted upon renewal. Craigslist is getting beyond a joke; suddenly my posts that I have been posting/renewing every 48 hours just fine for months are now getting flagged and deleted.

Update [3/25/2014]: Now updating your post with the latest information also results in your post being flagged and deleted, I even deleted older posts to avoid being flagged for overposting!

Update [3/27/2014]: Here’s some more information; it seems to me that Craigslist is disallowing more than one new post, edit or renewal per hour, last night and this morning I renewed three previously accepted posts and posts two and three were immediately flagged and deleted.

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