Where’s The Logic? Doubled Speeds But Data Caps Remain The Same!

Cox Communications have recently upgraded Premier and Preferred Internet customers to double their current speeds, 100Mbit for Premier customers and 50Mbit for Preferred customers. While free speed increases are great, the data cap remains the same at 300GB per billing cycle, which for Premier customers is actually down 50GB from six months ago. Additionally, take “free” speed increases with a pinch of salt as more often than not a price hike of $4 – $7 will happen 3 to 6 months from now, hoping that customers don’t notice the “free” speed is not actually free.

Why the title you ask? well, if Cox are going to double speeds, surely doubling the data cap would make sense as you can now reach your data cap in half the time. If a customer pays $60+ per month for Internet alone, they should have unlimited bandwidth given the evolution of how we use the Internet. Cox will have you believe they are operating on minimal profit margins allowing you 300GB, don’t believe it, they pay much less for the data bandwidth than we, the customer do!

Another consideration is that to take advantage of the new faster speeds, you will more than likely need to upgrade your modem to a DOCSIS III compatible model, which Cox will no doubt rent or sell to you. I personally bought my own modem before I upgraded to Ultimate from Preferred.

I would also suggest that Cox are dishonest in their marketing; on the cox website there is a landing page where you run a speed test to highlight the Cox difference. I ran a speed test using this page and the results came back as 37.75Mbps down, 3.09Mbps up, then I ran another speed test using less than a minute later and it came back with 119.90Mbps down, 7.65Mbps. Results were obtained using Chrome v36.0.1985.125, using Windows 8.1 Pro with a 1Gbps wired connection. Speedtest Result Speedtest 7/28/14 Result 7/28/14

Of course, we don’t know what server is being used for the speedtest, but it looks very dodgy to me; showing a lower speed to give incentive to buy Cox high speed internet, given that both tests were done within a couple of minutes using the same browser, computer and connection.

If that is the case, Cox are stupid showing a much lower than listed speed on their own connection. You would think they’d have excluded their IP range from the [alleged] artificially slow speedtest.

Back to the speed increase, I have run several speed tests on and it has returned between 111Mbps and 131Mbps download and between 7Mbps and 12Mbps upload, which is as near as makes no difference the speeds I had when I previously had the $100 p/m Ultimate connection.

Now everyone can save some money by downgrading, Premier customers can downgrade to Preferred and Ultimate customers can downgrade to Premier without any perceived loss in connection speed.

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