Why do some people get so offended by differing views to theirs?

I recently unfriended a person on Facebook because they took offense to my objection to their post which proclaimed “we should return to one nation under God”; which I disagree with wholeheartedly, simply said; religion has no place in government, school or business, it’s solely a personal choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-religion; I believe everyone has a right to freedom of religion and if my kids want to follow a certain faith be it Christian, Pagan or other, I will respect that choice. We don’t believe in pressuring our kids to follow our beliefs, which goes back to personal choice.

If you don’t want people to comment; don’t post your views on a public forum like Facebook. I was not disrespectful to this person in my comments, I just expressed my view; then “friends” of theirs decided to show great maturity by calling me insulting names, which this person endorsed.

I don’t need people like this in my life; I respect others opinions, even if I disagree, but this particular group of Christians have a hard time extending me the same courtesy. The scary thing is that this group of people think we should have a predominantly Christian leadership in the United States; citing how this country was built on Christian values. As I pointed out on Facebook; a lot has changed since 1787, today’s government should be a representative mix of the people it represents.

Bottom line here is that I don’t want people on my “friends” list who can’t have a debate without resulting to insults and/or endorsing people that act in this way. This is why I have a healthy dislike for religion, the followers are often blinded by the “message”; many religions in my view are a form of control. My dislike for religion came from my RC primary (elementary) school in the UK, when the priest ranted on about being cast unto hell if we (9 year olds) didn’t follow God’s rules.


One thought on “Why do some people get so offended by differing views to theirs?

  • Tomas commented on July 26, 2014 at 11:05

    Great point mate. Those religious people kind of forget that the way to heaven is through tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their choice of beliefs. Something tells me they might end up on a BBQ come end of days.

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