9 Year Old Shoots Instructor At Gun Range? Are You Freaking Serious?

My dislike of America’s lax gun laws and second amendment rights complete with gun show loopholes has been well publicized since relocating to the United States six years ago. But this story is truly shocking; excuse the language, but why the FUCK would someone pay a reported $200 to allow their nine year old daughter to fire an Uzi, a 9mm sub-machine gun? The end result being a dead instructor and more than likely a deeply traumatized child and the police has decided that criminal charges were not appropriate, gun culture in the US is out of control in my opinion!

The bigger question should be why on Earth does local and federal law allow minors access firearms at all? In 30 US states including the state I live in, Kansas has no lower age limit on shotgun and rifle ownership, yes, you heard that right, a 2 year old could own and fire a shotgun or rifle, what the fuck is wrong with this country’s elected officials? In my opinion, it’s time for a massive overhaul of guns laws, first of which should be federalization of gun laws, then close the gun show loophole and require government mandated psychological evaluations before a firearm is sold.

I truly don’t understand why the second amendment can not be amended further to limit gun access with gun crime becoming more common plus the NRA nutcases stating on national TV that they need semi/auto weapons to defend themselves from the government. Somehow I think the government has something better than a SMG to fight with should the government want to attack it’s own people. In the United States, there are over 11,000 murders (homicide) each year and almost 800 deaths from accidental discharge of firearms, just using those two stats, that’s 32 deaths per day.

It also seems that law enforcement can’t be trusted with guns either with the two needless fatal shootings in the St Louis, MO area recently, Micheal Brown was shot six times in Ferguson, MO, twice in the head and then 10 days later, Kajieme Powell, who was known to have mental issues was shot dead by two officers in St Louis. It’s obvious that guns present a clear danger in today’s society.

As a father of two; every day I seriously consider not sending my children to school for the fear of some gun crazed lunatic shooting up their schools. After the Sandy Hook shooting, the president and vice president promised swift change, but nothing changed. After each school shooting, there is outrage, then the outrage fades and it all gets forgotten, that is; until the next school shooting.

I am still fucking angry about Sandy Hook and all the school shootings that came before and after. Government in this country are pussies; they are afraid of the backlash from the NRA and other idiotic pro gun organizations. C’mon grow a set of balls and regulate gun sales properly federally.

I call on President Obama and Vice President Biden to use some of their executive powers to enforce tighter rules on guns in the United States. The original meaning of the right to bare arms has been twisted by modern society, time for an update to the second amendment to bring it in line with the realities of modern society, 220 years have passed since the second amendment, wake up America!

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