Being set-up to fail!?!? (Continued)

Previously I wrote about how badly my wife was being treated by the now “retired” (read: forced out) regional manager, anyway, you can read about that whole diabolical situation right here. So the new manager comes in and my first impression is that he is a “Special & Spam” kind of manager, one week later, that assessment is proven to be true. Further to that, a temp has more responsibility than my wife, who is the assistant manager, seriously what they actual fuck is going on here?

My wife is being frozen out of everything; no-one is talking to her and as I mentioned the temp who is very buddy, buddy with the manager is doing the assistant managers tasks while my wife is acting as a glorified leasing agent. In the meantime the two new regionals are consistently blaming my wife for things that happened before she became manager and even events from files from a time before the management company had taken over this property. They are constantly cutting my wife off mid sentence and freezing her out, refusing to listen to her despite being the only person who had worked there at the property for more than two weeks, despicable behavior from the managers.

The latest bullshit that the regionals are suggesting is that my wife and the former manager, who had managed to escape to another property had not been adhering to the resident selection criteria. Which is not the case; with the exception of a couple of instances where the deposed regional manager signed off on those exceptions. this has moved from harassment to victimization now!

The situation as I see it is; the property manager and regional managers are trying to discredit my wife, making it look like she isn’t fulfilling her assistant manager duties, so ultimately they can fire her. I was really pushing for my wife to stick with it as I thought that it was an isolated incident with the now deposed regional manager, but I was wrong. My estimation of he company has dropped significantly in the past two weeks. Should my wife find another position; I want her to just walk out with no notice, these people don’t deserve that courtesy after the way she has been treated!

The biggest issue is that my wife doesn’t like confrontation so she is just taking this treatment on the chin. I, on the other hand am the polar opposite, if there’s an issue I will tackle it head on. For example, if someone cut me off mid sentence and refused to share information with me that is vital for me to do my job, I would get in their faces. I am fighting the urge to drive to the corporate office and let rip with both barrels right now, no-one deserves to be treated like this in the workplace.

Guess what? 10 minutes after I finished writing this article; I got a call from my wife saying that she has been fired for a list of reasons which were completely fabricated by the current and former regional managers, like I said, my wife was setup to be fired from the very start. I can’t say too much more as we are investigating the possibility of taking legal action, I believe we have a case based upon the EEOC guidelines. One thing is for sure, we have plenty of witnesses, even the real estate personnel manager had heard what was happening at the property.
Update [Sep, 15 2014, 11:48]: This weekend just passed; my wife kept on receiving calls from the property’s emergency maintenance system, the chocolate teapots at the property had not changed the notification number. The result was that my wife had to log into the system to stop it calling every 15 minutes and chase up the new manager about these calls. I sent an Email to the regional manager and top brass of the company basically saying “my wife has been gone for a week and no-one had the foresight to change the contact number?”, I do not suffer fools kindly, especially when the one of the reasons for my wife’s dismissal was disorganization; while the two regionals and property manager couldn’t organize a contact number change for their phone system.

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