Obamacare, Why It Fails Families Incredibly Badly!

I have just signed up for Obamacare because family insurance through my workplace would have cost me 41% of my income, which is definitely not affordable in any way, shape or form. And there are a few major issues with the “Affordable Care Act”, ignoring the the fact that you have two choices, either buy medical insurance or receive a substantial fine per uninsured household member.

The first and biggest thing that I find incredibly stupid, what is the point of open enrollment? Why not just have open enrollment 365 days a year? The only way to get insurance through the marketplace outside of open enrollment for the next year is to apply within sixty days of losing insurance through private or workplace insurance. All this does is lock people out unnecessarily and ends up resulting in people being fined for not having insurance for more than three months in a calendar year. Hang on… I might have answered my own question, it’s a conspiracy to screw everyone!

The second thing is the 9.5% standard for employee only coverage through your employer. Which in simple terms means you are not entitled to tax credits which would lower your Obamacare premium if the cost of employee only insurance is less than 9.5% of your gross income. Which is fine if you are buying insurance for yourself, but if you need insurance for your whole family, the cost difference is massive. For example, employee only insurance is $236, but if I want to add my wife and children, it jumps to close to $850 every four weeks, it really defies logic, it’s like comparing an apple to a brick!

The third thing is the payment method (from my experience); it seems the only way to pay the premium is through automatic bank transfer, so you can’t use a debit or credit card to pay for insurance, which makes it difficult to manage your finances if you are on a tight budget. I like to pay my bills by card in advance of the due date quite often to make sure the bills are paid and the money is not spent elsewhere by accident. Plus in my experience, the due date is not always when the vendor takes the money, sometimes its a couple of days before or a couple of days after the due date.

On a personal note, were are far from living in poverty, we have a nice car and big LCD TV, but have little disposable income after rent, utilities, Cable TV/Internet, car payment, fuel, clothes and groceries for a family of four most months. This massive “family” insurance oversight is scandalous and unforgivable, how can these rich Capitol Hill bureaucrats just let this remain unchanged?

They can do it because government has no direct accountability to the people they represent. These are the same people that think that $7.25 is a living wage and giving massive tax breaks and subsidies to multinational corporations is the way to boost the economy. I can understand what Obama has tried to do and I applaud him for trying, but because he has been blocked at every turn, this is what we have ended up with, a forced healthcare system that fails families in the worst possible way.

One thought on “Obamacare, Why It Fails Families Incredibly Badly!

  • John C
    October 28, 2014 at 08:02

    I’m glad you’re seeing it for what it is. A well intended but purposely flawed execution forced by conservatives and lobbyist to make it as bad as it could be. It’s a foundation that must be built upon. Starting with allowing the US governmnet to be able to negotiate rates for drugs with manufacturers the way the rest of the wold does. It’s why we pay 150 dollars for a prescription that cost 15 dollars in Australia or Canada.

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