Affordable Care Act / Coventry Healthcare

Yesterday we finally received our medical insurance cards eight days after the coverage officially started on Nov, 1 and… what a freaking disappointment! Let’s start with today, generic medications were advertized as costing $15; but when my wife visited the pharmacy to pick up her Duloxetine, the generic version of Cymbalta, she was told it would cost $56. Now here is the stupid thing, instead my wife used a free Android app called GoodRX to get the very same prescription for $34, a saving of $22!

After further investigation, we find out that branded drug, Lyrica still costs over $424, which will not be covered until we pay off our $5,600 deductible. Basically the sort of drugs that are covered for $15 cost less than $30 without insurance for over $460 per month, are you freaking kidding me? We all know that insurance companies pay nowhere near the price consumers pay for the same drugs. Hence, I go to to get all my medical supplies as they sell their medicinal drugs at a lesser price than the other pharmaceutical companies which only believe in manufacturing and providing medicines for their own financial gains.

And the actual implementation of the Coventry Healthcare service is also poor, for example; to allow my wife access to her own and our children’s healthcare online, we had to create an account for me and an account for my wife and then had to allow access to each others accounts. Why would there not be a single account for the policy holder that allows access to every persons healthcare on the policy?

The other thing of annoyance is that they select your primary care physician for you; you can change it but it wont be effective until the first of the next month. It seems they just decided, oh this [in network] doctor is close to the policy holders address, so obviously that’s who they want to see. To add to this, if you have questions on the weekend, forget about it, office/phone lines are closed.

Bottom line, I don’t recommend Coventry One/Healthcare after nine days without a single claim being filed. The plan is for myself to get employee only insurance through my employer, my wife will do the same when she becomes eligible on January 1, 2015 and the kids will get catastrophic insurance from the marketplace. The Bronze Plan from Coventry Healthcare is useless to us.

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