America, Everyone To The Escape Pods

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that the US government is not representing the interests of the people that voted for them, but instead furthering the interests of banks, pharmaceutical companies and mega-corporations. And the latest government spending bill dubbed the “CRomnibus” just goes to prove that fact with lots of Christmas presents for banks and politicians.

In simple terms, there was a bunch of last minute inclusions in the bill that allows for banks to recklessly invest money and expect taxpayers to bail them out when it goes wrong. Just like during the 2008 financial crisis where banks were bailed out because of their FDIC insured status. A status that was revoked in the aftermath of the crisis so banks couldn’t be bailed out with public money if they made bad investments under the “too big to fail” mentality. That provision has now been repealed in this bill, so tax payers will be on the hook for bailing out these mega banks when inevitably they screw the pooch and lose all their our money. And, this addition was written by… mega-bank, CitiGroup.

Additionally politicians will be allowed to accept 10 times the current amount in donations from individuals, no doubt these payments will come from CEO’s of banks, pharma and corporations. This needs to stop NOW; Americans should not stand for this amount of corruption, we elect these people to represent us; the people of the US of A, not the 2%-ers, remove corporate money (influence) from politics, let’s face it lobbying is a legal name for bribery. Yet we accept this as normal, back home in the UK, many years ago there was a “cash for questions” scandal which was immediately stamped out because it was considered bribery and corruption, which is exactly the same as lobbying in the USA.

Big pharma have managed to buy enough support in Washington to defund legalization of marijuana in Washington state, the same state that 70% of the electorate voted to legalize the drug. Why is big pharma against the legalization of pot? Because Marijuana is well know to act as a pain reliever and big pharma stands to lose billions as people use it as a natural alternative to expensive pain pills.

According to, $479m has been allocated for the purchase of F-35 Lightning II warplanes, which the pentagon did not order. Of course, inevitably to pay for these corporate concessions, funding for essentials services are being cut, most notably, WIC funding, which millions of people rely on to survive, the people that work for corporate giant, Walmart for example. Politicians will also get a $1000 subsidy to pay for their car, enough to buy a top of the range Mercedes or BMW, SERIOUSLY? these people get paid more than enough to afford their own car payment, absolutely disgusting.

Represent Us’ Video Explaining what has been hidden in the bill!

There is more furthering of private big business agendas in the bill that is needed to keep government open, but I have rambled on long enough. What this bill goes to prove is that American politicians are the most self serving corrupt people on the planet. US lawmakers flagrantly disregard the will of the people who elected them in favor of furthering the interests of their wealthy corporate donors. And the worrying thing is it will get worse in 2015/16 as the conservatives take control of the house and senate, everyone to the escape pods, America is doomed to corporate hostage taking and slavery.

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