Diabetes, What A Pain In The Posterior

As I have alluded to in previous blog entries, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 7 weeks ago. Now I have to take two different types of medication, a total of five pills every day and I sometimes forget to take them which skews my blood glucose values. This morning my blood glucose level was 144 after fasting for more than eight hours because I fell asleep without taking my two Metformin pills. I guess that I will have to set alarms on my smartphone at certain times of the day to make sure I take the pills.

The other issue is the cost of the medication, right now I take Metformin, which is less than $5, but the secondary medication Invokana costs over $400 as my medical insurance, Coventry Healthcare of Kansas refuses point blank to cover it. Right now, because it’s a new drug, I can get it free of charge for 12 months, after that time I hope to have better insurance that actually covers the drugs I require.

Another related thing about healthcare insurance carriers is that apparently they can decide what drugs I need, ignoring what my doctor has recommended. It’s basically another bullshit loophole that allows medical insurance companies to take your money and not pay out from what I can see.

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