[Shock] Cox Have Done Something Good For Customers

I was watching The Tek from TekSyndicate today and find out that bandwidth caps are coming to Cox Communications customers. But Cox already have “soft” caps on their HSI packages you say and you would be right, I wrote extensively about this previously in my The Bandwidth Cap That Cox… article.

But it seems that this time, although the company failed to notify customers about this change, much like the lack of transparency in the employment of original data caps, they have done something for the customer. Cox have significantly upped the data cap for each tier with Starter getting bumped from 30GB to 150GB, Essential up from 100GB to 250GB, Preferred jumps from 250GB to 350GB, Premier more than doubled from 300GB to 700GB and Ultimate with a whopping 2TB of data transfer, up from 400GB.

Unless you happen to be a hardcore Internet user, these caps should be enough, I have Premier and 700GB is 250-300GB more than my average usage which involves a lot of HD streaming media services such as Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu and WWE Network. The 700GB of data transfer would equate to over 22GB per day, which is not impossible, but the average user would be hard pressed to exceed the data cap unlike the previous 300GB cap, which was very easy to exceed when streaming HD video!

From what I can gather from the online document concerning Cox’s data plan and usage, which is dated April 3, 2015, prior to the data cap change on May 7, 2015, it will remain a soft cap with an Email, telephone or onscreen notification. For persistent bandwidth abusers, a temporary suspension or termination of service might be an option. Personally, I still believe data usage caps are bullshit in this day and age, Internet connectivity is expensive, upto $100 per month for some tiers, these providers need to use their profits, federal grants and subsidies to upgrade their network instead of limiting customers.

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