Creationism Taught in Science Class, Are You F**king Kidding Me?

In the state of Louisiana a law was passed in 2008 called the “Science Education Act”, Governor Bobby Jindal told NBC’s Education Nation that he signed it because it allowed creationism into public schools.

A freedom of information request revealed that Louisiana public schools are using the bible in science class to debunk evolution. One teacher claims “God created science” as proof of creationism, another teacher claims that “stupid people made up evolution because they don’t want to believe in God.”

I am not opposed to the bible being taught in schools as a separate class, I had to attend “religious education” classes in high school back in the late 80’s/early 90’s in the United Kingdom, but it was for balance, not to debunk scientific fact. Children should not be exposed to this kind of brainwashing in our public school system, by all means, present alternative theories, not promote creationism over evolution.

I think it’s a gross abuse of power by state politicians, administrators and teachers to enforce their religious agenda on our youth. Yet, in the United States, religion is so engrained in the psyche that many will go to extreme measures to denounce any difference of opinion from theirs. Education should be about education on both sides of the coin equally and let our young minds decide for themselves.

This situation in Louisiana is a prime example of why I despise the Christian faith so much, most Christians refuse to except any alternative view of the world and will do their damnedest to convert those who don’t share their views. A good example is when I was in elementary school, we had to attend church 2 times a week as it was a Roman Catholic school and was told by the clergy that those who don’t follow the word of God will be cast unto Hell. Do you think this is an acceptable thing to say to a 5 – 10 year old?

In recent times we have heard a lot about freedom OF religion and I am all for that unless it infringes on others liberty. So having freedom FROM religion should also be an accepted practice. I firmly believe teaching creationism as science fact deeply infringes on people’s liberties. Creationism is a belief with zero scientific basis while evolution is backed up by literally millions of years of hard evidence.

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