Common Sense Rules For Transgender Bathroom Usage…

So I was watching Tech Talk featuring JayzTwoCents and Barnacules on Youtube and Jay and Jerry (Barnacules) were talking about the whole furor over transgender people using the bathroom of the sex they identify with. I was all ready to get mad with Jay’s view on men should go into the men’s bathroom and women in the woman’s bathroom, but I listened to his view and he made some valid points. According to the leading sex crime attorneys in Los Angeles, CA, it’s not that rape happens when a man or women decides to enter and use the other gender’s washroom but happens solely due to the mentality of people. In most of the cases which have come under the light in the recent years, it was found that, the only misguided notion which leads a person to commit heinous crimes against another person is the mind of the person in itself and not any external factor.

First of all, neither Jay nor Jerry is suggesting that we should have laws enforcing rules one way or the other, instead it should come down to individual businesses choosing to take gender consideration away and have unisex bathrooms or choose the traditional separate male and female bathrooms.

The bathroom issue comes down to personal views, same as religion; these views should remain personal and not be politicized by making those personal views city/state law. In some cases, Oxford, Alabama has actually criminalized using a bathroom not of the gender on your birth certificate, meaning a trans-person could be fined upto $500 or even jailed for six months for using the “wrong” bathroom.

We have to remember that businesses do not have to provide a bathroom at all, it’s a courtesy, not a right. Local or federal government regulating public bathrooms that do not belong to them is crazy! How do they plan to enforce these bathroom laws, will they have a “dick checker” at the bathroom door?

It does amuse me that the same people that oppose big government when it comes to gun control are the same people that support these ludicrous bathroom bills. Of all the issues America faces in 2016, these petty bureaucrats are worried about what bathroom a person goes into to relieve themselves.

I understand people fearing that men could enter a woman’s bathroom and attack them, but most of that belief is based on political and media scaremongering, just like the Trump campaign on Muslims and terrorism. The reality is that it could happen anyway, even with these discriminatory laws and there is next to no evidence that transgender people, pre or post-op have committed crimes in a bathroom.

The question is; should we be forcing transgender persons who have fully transitioned into the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate? The photo below is of Michael Hughes, a transgender man from Houston, TX in a woman’s bathroom. This will be the result of these bathroom laws that will make him use the ladies facilities instead of the men’s, which I guess would make women feel uncomfortable?

Transgender Man In Woman's Bathroom

This just highlights the absurdity of these bathroom laws, politicians pass bills according to their personal beliefs without thinking about the real world consequences of their, let’s call it what it is, bigotry.

For trans women, it’s worse, fully transitioned women being forced into the men’s room are likely to be attacked and beaten, despite being a female in every way apart from her birth certificate saying male.

Society is changing and passing laws to try to slow that change will not work. Regardless of the laws, most transgender persons will use the bathroom of the gender they identify with and the majority of people will be oblivious to their transgender status. These laws are designed to be discriminatory against those who are different, just like the civil rights era where non-whites were excluded from everyday activities.

Let’s be brutally honest here, these laws are driven by religion, which itself is a form of control, follow God’s rules or you will be punished. We’re supposed to have separation of church and state; which in 2016 couldn’t be further from the truth, laws and even presidential campaigns are driven by religious beliefs. Businesses can somehow be religious entities and force it’s employee’s to follow it’s doctrine.

I have lost count of how many times presidential candidate Ted Cruz has used God and religion in his policy speeches. Religion has no place in politics full stop, end of story. Any politician using their PERSONAL BELIEFS to create legislation should be immediately removed from their position.

Of course, that won’t happen, GUNS & BIBLES, two words to sum up America at this time. Hopefully in the future that will change as younger progressives gain power and change the position of the USA.

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