Thumbs Up For Target, Thumbs Down For #BoycottTarget’ers

First of all, I congratulate Target for publicly supporting inclusivity, not exclusion and standing up against the increasingly discriminative laws against the LGBT community under the guise of religious liberty.

I know that it has been an unwritten policy of Target and many other mainstream stores for some time, it’s not like there are people actively monitoring who uses the bathrooms in their stores. I would say that overall, this will benefit Target as a business, progressives are becoming more and more common, especially in the younger generation and those people will shop at Target even if they didn’t before.

The conservative argument against transgender people using a public restroom of the gender they identify with is that it allows for predators, rapists and pedophiles to enter a female bathroom and attack woman and girls, it’s the typical “protect the children” defense. Bottom line is if these predators wanted to commit such a crime in a bathroom, they’d commit the crime regardless of these discriminative laws.

The people that support the #BoycottTarget movement and these “bathroom” laws are the same people that refuse to allow same sex couples the same rights, privileges and protections as they enjoy as man and wife, i.e the “marriage should be between one man and one woman” religious right brigade.

The simple fact is that most of us have been in a public bathroom with a transgender person and never even realized. There is this idea that trans people are instantly identifiable, basically a man wearing a dress; which is far from the truth, most trans people are indistinguishable from non-trans people.

As for the idea of trans people attacking women in bathrooms, there are zero cases of that happening, what’s more likely to happen is a trans-woman being forced to use the male bathroom by some regressive business owner and then brutally beaten by the even more regressive idiots in the bathroom.

The reaction to Target’s inclusivity is truly disgusting, many people suggesting harm to transgender people, and you call trans people mentally ill, you need to take cold hard look at yourself in the mirror.

The more I read from these mostly conservative Christians, the more I despise them and Christianity. I am not saying that all Christians are backward thinking fools, but it seems the majority of them with a social media account are. When I hear expressions that being transsexual (or LGBT in general) is a mental disorder that can be fixed, the more I want to start my own country where religion is banned!

I wonder how many of the 635,000 people (at the time of writing) who signed the American Family Association #BoycottTarget petition actually shop at Target and how many just jumped on the bandwagon? I don’t often shop at Target, but I did today because of their inclusivity policy. Oh, the petition itself is sexist, it talks about men entering woman’s bathrooms; but it doesn’t mention anything about women going into the men’s room. Transgender works both ways, a female can feel/become male.

Final Note: you know the biggest irony, the #BoycottTarget proponents claim that the liberal / Marxist / communist / socialist media is forcing their agenda on them… Yet, they protest to try to get Target to change their policy and bend to their will, how is that any fucking different? Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses because her religious beliefs doesn’t allow it, despite it being a function of her job, that is forcing her will on others, but the religious right all agree with that, fucking hypocrites the lot of you!

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