Sanders “Twitterforce” trends #DropOutHillary with 400k+ Tweets!

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After Bernie Sanders “shock win” in the Indiana primary and Donald Trump effectively clinching the presidential nomination for the Republicans after Ted Cruz and John Kasich drop out of the race. The Internet has started a new trend #DropOutHillary on social media and has kept it trending for more than 24 hours, despite Twitter’s attempts to slow down the movement by dropping the hashtag from trends.

Twitter showed it’s true colors yesterday, at one point, the autocomplete for #DropOutHillary disappeared while #DropOutBernie, #DropOutKasich and the much lesser used #DropOutClinton were still populated. Late yesterday evening, #DropOutHillary was trending outside the top 10 despite having 60% more tweets than the #1 trend and today it has disappeared from the top 20 trends despite 11,000 tweets containing the #DropOutHillary hashtag between 8am and 9am, that’s 183.33 tweets a minute, 3 tweets a second.

First of all, I’d like to address the idiots that have labeled the #DropOutHillary movement sexist. We are using the hashtag to expose her proven past transgressions, there is nothing sexist about that. The majority of progressives/Bernie supporters would like a female president, but we don’t want Hillary to be the first female president, it’s about policy and trustworthiness, not whether she has a vagina or not!

We are truly sick of being called sexist because we are opposed to Hillary becoming commander and chief. We are not Bernie Bros, infact half of us progressives are women. We believe there’s a better way forward than more establishment politics. Hillary’s supporters usual sexist argument is getting old!

I would also like to point out that the #DropOutHillary movement was a direct response to Hillary supporters (paid or otherwise) trying to trend #DropOutBernie. The Bernie supporters are mighty on social media; turning it into a massive win for Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement of 2016.

The bottom line is people are pissed off with the way this election has been rigged through closed elections, voter suppression and the blatant mainstream media bias towards Hillary Clinton. For Example, on Tuesday night, while Bernie Sanders was giving his victory speech, CNN decided to show a split screen of Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s empty stages, ignoring the Bernie Sanders speech completely.

Not to mention the reporting of super delegates in election totals which misleads their viewers into believing that Hillary has an insurmountable lead. This is not true, super delegates don’t vote until the democratic convention and Clinton is only 302 pledged delegates ahead with over 900 still up for grabs.

Clarification: I understand that Bernie cannot take overall victory by reaching 2383 delegates, but he can stop Hilary from reaching that total and *maybe* even overhaul her lead if he can win the remaining states by a big enough margin. Again, I know it’s unlikely that he can gain enough delegates, but Bernie will go into the democratic convention and see what happens, super delegates may bow to public pressure and change their support from Hillary to Bernie. If the democratic party go with Hillary and she loses to Trump because the #BernieOrBust‘ers follow through with their threat and stay home on election day, then they have no-one else to blame, the signs are there that “we, the people” are not happy.

Moving onto closed elections, some with party affiliation registration as much as six months in advance has taken millions of *possibly* votes away from Bernie Sanders due to the base of his supporters being independents and unable to vote in closed elections. Unfortunately the democratic party is extremely undemocratic, excluding voters based on no party affiliation is about as undemocratic as you can get.

In a true democracy there would be no party affiliation needed, just a general registration to vote, then turn up at the polling place and vote for your choice of presidential candidate whether on team blue, team red or team independent. In the 21st century, it’s time for the two party system to fade into history.

Then the biggest issue for many is that Hillary takes money from corporate interests that she would be in charge of regulating as president. The likes of Goldman Sachs don’t pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars just for a speech, they want something in return. This is not unique to Hillary, Washington is hopelessly corrupt and broken and this is why progressives and Bernie want to get money out of politics.

There are repeated calls for Hillary to release the Goldman Sachs speeches transcripts, which she has steadfastly refused to do, saying “I’ll release them when everyone else does”, which is a non argument now as only Sanders and Trump remain and neither of them have given Wall Street speeches. We don’t need to see the transcripts; her refusal is all we need to know, she wouldn’t hide innocuous speeches.

Next, we have the way Hillary has used the DNC and state democratic parties to fund her campaign, circumventing campaign financing rules, allowing her rich donors to indirectly donate over $214,000 to her campaign using the DNC and states, in what is effectively a money laundering operation. Hillary’s campaign has taken over 99% of the available funds which were earmarked for democratic state elections, which must call into question DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz impartiality.

Oops, I called another woman out on her record and impartiality, I must be sexist!

Now we move onto the biggie, Hillary Clinton is under federal investigation over her private Email server which contained Email’s which have retroactively been marked “classified” by the government from the time she was secretary of state. She also deleted upto 30,000 Emails which she claimed were personal, which the FBI have now recovered from her server, but has not released its findings to my knowledge.

There is a real chance that she might be indicted either before the convention, but more likely after the convention which will throw the whole democratic party into chaos and more than likely gift the presidency to Donald Trump, which frankly scares the shit out of me, everyone to the escape pods.

I could go on and on about all the scandals Hillary Clinton has been linked to; but I will stop and say this; where there is smoke, there is fire, there are far too many scandals to simply dismiss. So Vote Bernie Sanders and keep up the #DropOutHillary Twitterstorm, maybe convince some people to vote for Bernie.

[Update: May, 6 2016, 13:01] I have decided to add some cold hard figures from Real Clear Politics showing the difference between Clinton Vs Trump and Sanders Vs Trump in an average of national polls.

Trump Vs ClintonTrump Vs Clinton, Average Of National Polls, 5/6/2016

Trump Vs SandersTrump Vs Sanders, Average Of National Polls, 5/6/2016

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