I Should Have Stayed In Bed…

Glasses On A Rack In Opticians Office

Today has been an exceptionally bad day for me and a financially costly one to boot. This morning I went to get my eyes tested for new glasses as I knew my vision had deteriorated since my last exam about three years ago. The news was not good; I found out I have multiple vision issues and all the various tests plus frames and lenses came to a whopping $1,004, I know I went for Transitions and Crizal, but wow.

First I discovered that I have cataracts developing, but that is nothing, I have diabetic macular edema, which is borderline and unless I take drastic action with diet in addition to what I have already done with diet and medication, it could end up all but blinding me. This is very worrying as I am just about to turn 40; which is very young to be having these sort of issues with my eyesight, it’s definitely a wake-up call.

My vision is considered to be 20/30 with my new glasses, which I should get in about 2 weeks. This is OK, it means I am able to drive safely and perform everyday tasks for my professional and personal life. I will be getting progressive lenses, which are bi-focals without the visible line. Previously I was able to get a single prescription, but my long and short sight has diverged so much I need progressives in a single lens.

I’ll need to take some steroids in conjunction with eye drops for two weeks before I have another appointment to see if that had helped. After another three months, I have another appointment to check up on my vision, so that’s probably another $400-$500 in costs, but my vision is important to me. I don’t want to go blind and be a burden on my family as I won’t be able to drive and work in future years.

I am very annoyed as Greene Vision Group completely failed to notice any of these problems as my current optician said that this sort of damage is long term, not just a few years. My experience with Greene Vision Group was not good, I felt their optician was dismissive of my issues and don’t believe they got my prescription quite right, even after taking close to four weeks to deliver my current glasses.

Fast forward to 3:40pm, I was backing out of my garage to pick up my daughter and because my vision was still impaired from the dilation of my eyes, I clipped my drivers side wing mirror and broke it. I know this will cost a little under $500 to fix as I’ve had to have it fixed twice before, once when an unknown driver hit the mirror while I was in a property and again when my wife did exactly what I did today.

I’m really angry with myself for trying to drive, my visual acuity was nowhere near upto driving, but being stubborn, I tried to power through and bang; another $500 down the drain. I wanted to reduce my credit card balances, but that will obviously not happen for a while with these new charges incurred today.

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