Upgrading To 1440p Curved Ultrawide (Dell U3415W)

Dell U3415W Ultrawide Monitor

After a lot of internal conflict, i.e. justifying the $750 cost compared to sticking with my two Dell ST2421L 24 inch 1080p LED monitors. I have made the decision to buy a Dell U3415W 34 inch 1440p IPS Ultrawide monitor to have a single main display with secondary 1080p display for Email or maybe streaming media.

I have always kinda skimped on monitors, my current setup only cost $300 for both screens, and I also skimped on getting IPS in favor of the cheaper LED LCD technology. Rather annoyingly, my current setup has a different color balance on each panel, which bugs me, but I have managed to live with it for three years, it’s now time to change that mentality, which is why I decided to make the leap to the U3415W.

I just hope that my current Sapphire R9 270X 4GB will be able to handle pushing almost twice as many pixels. I’d rather not have to purchase another graphics card at this time. I don’t care about 1440p gaming, I’m happy to play at 1080p like I currently do as I am not a serious gamer, I probably log less than 3 hours a week on games. The reason for the upgrade is better productivity and work related tasks.

My occupation involves photography and I would like a better display, specifically IPS technology for better color reproduction and also a larger work area in Photoshop. 1080p really doesn’t cut it anymore and 4k is overkill; I would need a 40+ inch display to be able to read the text without scaling enabled; which negates the extra 4k screen real estate. I couldn’t even imagine using a 28 inch 4k screen.

I will write a review of the Dell U3415W once I have received and used the display for a few weeks.

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