Vision Care 4 Life + New Glasses

New Glasses, October 24, 2016

I’ll start with my experience of Vision Care 4 Life and Wendy Foster, O.D. I really don’t have a bad word to say about my whole experience at Vision Care 4 Life; everyone was friendly and professional from the moment I made the appointment through to picking up my glasses. If I do have a complaint, it’d be that they overcharged me; but they were honest and refunded my money when the mistake was noticed.

Doctor Foster was amazing, she listened to what I had to say about how I felt my eyesight was and did thorough testing of my eyes. This is an experience I have never had before, my previous optician at Greene Vision Group dismissed my opinion of what I was seeing, which could be a major cause of my current diagnosis of diabetic macular edema. Now diagnosed, hopefully we can do something about it.

As I said above, I was overcharged by a significant amount of money; over $350; but the mistake was found and a refund issued so I can’t ding them too hard for that. But I did have a shock when a new pair of glasses and a thorough eye exam came to $1,004. Despite the shock, I accepted the amount as I did not have dedicated vision insurance; this being the only year I hadn’t been covered by vision insurance.

The new glasses; despite not improving the distance I can see; they have cleared up my vision, everything is sharper and clearer with a combination of Transitions and Crizal. I was shocked while I was driving home while the sun was setting; normally driving into the sun blinds me; but with the new glasses I could still see clearly despite the sun immediately in front of me, which is a completely new experience for me.

Later after dark; street lights and car lights were sharp and in focus with zero glare; a huge step up from the Teflon coated lenses that these glasses replaced. Overall I am very happy, let’s hope that the reason that triggered this visit to Vision Care 4 Life, renewing my drivers license goes smoothly, I spend all this money to be able to continue to drive, my livelihood depends on it as I need to visit properties.

PS: Apologies for subjecting y’all to my ugly mug in the feature image; it’s really me, greying beard ‘n all.

UPDATE [Oct, 25 2016, 23:21]: I went to renew my drivers license today and I barely scraped through the vision test. It took me three attempts to pass the vision test and frankly I was guessing for the most part, I could not see line 5 clearly. I’m good for another six years; but I want to see what I can do to improve my visual acuity for the next time. The idea of losing my eyesight is a very scary prospect.

I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Foster next Monday, so I will be discussing my options with her. My vision deteriorating has really scared me into taking action over my diabetes and general health.

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