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As someone that manages multiple domains for my employer I get these Emails from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp on a regular basis. The Emails give the impression that you are renewing your domain name; but if you read a little closer, you’ll see it’s for SEO services, not domain renewal.

Clearly this company trawls the Whois database for non-private registration information and then spam the contact Email address. The subject line says “[your domain name] Expiration”, this is what gives the impression that it’s time to renew your domain(s), clearly hoping you’ll pay the $64 without realizing.

Domain SEO Service are technically doing nothing illegal; the message tells you exactly what the service is; but only if you read carefully and fully. I knew that it was a scam as this is not the company I register our domains with and the cost is five times more expensive than our regular domain renewal fees.

The thing that makes me think it’s a scam; other than the misleading text is the following;

Failure to complete your [your domain name] domain name submission search engine optimization service may make it difficult for customers to find you online.” and “Non-completion of your domain name search engine optimization service submission by given expiration date for [your domain name], may result in the cancelling of this search engine optimization notification offer

I don’t know if this company actually provide the service they advertise; so I won’t comment on this.

Domain SEO Service Registration Corp claim to be located at 1000 5th St, Suite 200, Miami Beach, FL 33139; and have a phone number, (954) 320-4679 listed on their website,

For all I know, Domain SEO Services Registration Corp could be a legit company; however their methods of marketing would suggest otherwise to me. They even sent postal mail to my employers business address; thankfully the company Chief Financial Officer called me before simply paying the invoice.

You can ignore the expiration date shown; I get these Emails 3 – 4 times a year for each of our domains. These solicitations use scare tactics to make you click on the link and submit your credit card details.

Just out of interest; I clicked the link from the Email, then clicked on the payment link on the site for one year and the payment input page is not secured by SSL; this in itself is a massive red flag as all your payment information will be sent in plain text; which means it can be hacked and stolen.

Below is the actual message I received so you know what to look out for…

Domain SEO Service Scam

PS: The domain shown in the Email screenshot above is a personal domain that I let expire.

3 thoughts on “SCAM: Domain SEO Service Registration Corp

  • Anna commented on February 25, 2018 at 02:11

    Thanks for your sharing
    i was treat by that company and lost 90$ of them for nothing =))))

  • I’m sorry to hear that these scammers got your money, Anna. Please feel free to either share this article or copy and paste into your social media. The more people that know about this scam, the less money these scammers will take people for.

  • Peter Mcdonald commented on June 30, 2019 at 18:35

    3 years later and they are still operating under the same name (albeit from a different domain, The tactic now is to use contact us forms on websites.

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