Allegedly, I Am “Rude”

This Friday, I received an Email accusing me of not doing the work I was requested to do by one of the company’s regional managers. The regional manager claims that I was given specific verbiage to use by the property manager she oversees. To which, I responded with evidence, i.e. the Email sent from the property manager on 5/2, which the regional manager cited in her accusation, proving she is wrong.

It was requested that I create a link to an award the property had won, which I did, in bold text underneath the main blurb, despite their claims that I did not, of course, I have evidence to the contrary. There’s more, the regional manager didn’t like the wording I used, claiming I failed to use the wording that was provided to me by said manager. The few words that were included were also in my marketing.

My response to this was to request that the manager provides me with specific verbiage that I can copy and paste into the website in future marketing correspondence. The regional manager doubled down on her accusations, in which she cited the Email from the property manager on 5/2 and also carbon copied the company’s vice president into the Email, in what I see as a clear troublemaking attempt, this is when I replied to both regional manager and vice president with the evidence to disprove her accusations.

This Saturday morning, I receive an Email from the regional manager stating the following “You missed the mark. I’m tired of you treating people on my team so rudely”. At this point, I Emailed the two vice presidents and explained what is going on, including the full Email thread. I pride myself on being able to work with anyone, however, I will not tolerate being accused of wrongdoing when I am innocent.

I even went back to the Email that the regional manager cited and checked, I thought that maybe I was incorrect and that I had made a mistake. But, no, that was not the case, I remembered correctly and I am indeed innocent of all charges levied against me. However, I am not going to continue a tit-for-tat argument through Email, the vice presidents can deal with it, I’m too busy to deal with such childishness.

I admit that I am very direct in my communications, I am a busy person, I manage marketing for nearly 50 properties, so I don’t have time for pleasantries; if property managers are so thin skinned that they take everything as an attack, I don’t know what to tell them. Other managers, including managers that this particular regional manager oversees, have no complaints about my communication with them.

I make mistakes, I am only human and humans are fallible. There has been plenty of occasions where I either made a typo or misunderstood what was being asked of me. In those cases, I held my hands up and corrected my mistake. I have absolutely no issue with admitting I am wrong, but will not accept blame for something I did not do, I will fight tooth and nail to prove my innocence like anyone would.

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