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After my wife was made redundant back in late February 2017, she needed to obtain new medical insurance as her workplace insurance had expired. She did a search on Google for medical insurance and one of those hyphenated SEO domains popped up, which she clicked and completed a web form. Literally, no more than a few seconds passed before she received a call from Geoff at MHP insurance.

During the initial call, Geoff gave us a quote of $158.78/mo that would automatically be deducted from our bank account. I insisted on using a credit card as using a credit card offers a certain amount of protection that using a bank draft does not. The initial payment was $178.78 including the “sign up” fee.

Later that day, I get a number of Emails from the Healthcare Marketplace asking for proof of income. As I did not personally set up this insurance through the marketplace, I didn’t have a way to submit this information, so I called up the Marketplace and acquired control of the account and I find that the income that Geoff had inputted was $3,000 lower than I actually earn, so I went ahead and corrected that.

This instantly removed my kids from the plan as the website deemed that I don’t make enough money for my kids to be on the same policy, and that Medicaid will be in contact, However, I know for a fact that I make too much to qualify for Medicaid, we went through the same BS during 2016 and my kids went uninsured for four months. This is a well-established bug in the website.

My next call I make is to Geoff at MHP Insurance, who explains that once I took control of the Healthcare Marketplace account, he could no longer help us. So we had him create a new application and I sent him my paystubs so he could submit them on our behalf. Everything seemed to be fine for about five weeks, then we get a bill from Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Kansas for $142.01, which is $88 more than last month.

I sent an Email to Geoff, asking why we are receiving a bill from BCBS when we were sold a package with automatic recurring payments. Geoff’s response simply said that once the policy is set up, we are responsible for making payments. This is NOT what we were told when we signed on the virtual dotted line. Our overall policy cost would end up being $246.78 with payments to both BCBS and Chesapeake.

At this point I want no further dealings with MHP Insurance, I feel that we have been deceived into buying supplemental insurance from Chesapeake. I went to the Chesapeake website and immediately canceled the policy as we really don’t need the supplemental insurance, especially when the overall cost has risen by $88, we only agreed to the supplemental insurance because we thought we were getting a deal.

I’m more than happy to pay Blue Cross, Blue Shield the $142/mo for insurance for my wife and kids, but I cannot afford to pay the extra $88 being on a single income at this time, money is super-tight right now.

To be clear, I’m not telling anyone not to use MHP Insurance, I am simply expressing our experience of dealing with them, you can make your own mind up. However, I would recommend not using third parties to set up Healthcare Marketplace accounts as you don’t have full control over your insurance.

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