Computer Sleep Problems

Windows Power & Sleep Settings

Recently I started running SETI@Home again on my main rig, the new Ryzen 1800X system I recently built, and discovered some issues with power and sleep settings resetting themselves. I had set the screen to go off after 30 minutes and the computer to never sleep in the Windows 10 settings, however, every morning, I’d walk into my office to find the computer asleep and for days could not figure out why.

After a week of head scratching and numerous hours of online research, I found a lead concerning Asus’ AI Suite 3 overriding windows power settings and lo and behold, there it was in the EPU settings within AI Suite. It was set to screen off after 1 hour and sleep after 2 hours, which is the exact settings Windows kept reverting to. As I didn’t use AI Suite for anything other than fan control. I uninstalled the software.

I rebooted, went into the BIOS to set up a fan profile at the BIOS level, it has the same functionality as AI Suite without the need for software installed within Windows 10. But then, I had a secondary problem, when my monitors went to sleep, upon waking, the whole machine would crash and then fail POST (BIOS), I thought it was a glitch, but it was repeatable time and time again, so it was a definite issue.

After finding no information online about this specific issue, I thought that I’d uninstall the AMD motherboard and video card drivers, reboot and reinstall a fresh copy of the drivers. This fixed the issue immediately and I can finally run my computer until such a time I decide to shut it off manually.

I find it very odd that AI Suite has settings for power profiles built into the software when it just mimics and overrides the exact same function in Windows, it seems completely redundant and annoying if like me, you were unaware of these settings. I was thinking it was related to SETI@Home as that was the only new software I had installed, so I uninstalled SETI@Home, which obviously didn’t fix the issue.

Hopefully, others who have this issue will find this blog and not have to contend with the struggles I did.

Update [Jul, 6 2017, 11:13]: I have discovered the issue and it’s specifically the Crimson v17.6.2 driver and my main monitor, a Dell U3415W Ultrawide. No matter whether the monitor goes to sleep or I turn the monitor on while the computer is powered on, my PC will immediately restart and get stuck at the POST stage. My U3415W is connected via the display port interface using a DP to Mini-DP cable.

If I roll back to Crimson v17.4.4, this fixes the Windows crashing problem, but I can’t launch Wolfenstein, The Old Blood, it crashes back to desktop before the splash screen. So I find myself with two options, not play Wolfenstein or have my machine crash every time my monitor resumes from the being powered off.

I have also tried Crimson v17.4.3, which has the same characteristics as v17.4.4 and v17.4.1, which doesn’t support the RX 580, so that is a no go. So I guess that I have no option but to leave my U3415W monitor powered on until AMD release a new driver to correct this issue or live without Wolfenstein.

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