Naturalsoft; How Customer Service Should Be Done!

Natural Reader 13

My wife and I use a piece of software called Natural Reader, which is a text-to-speech application that we use to listen to online articles instead of reading them, particularly useful for TLDR articles.

After building new computers for the wife and I, I had issues with Natural Reader not accepting my license key. I would enter the license number provided to me in the purchase Email and nothing would happen, I launch the application again and it asks for the license number again. I tried several times and I admit I thought this was a way for Naturalsoft to force me to buy the new version, but I was very wrong.

I Emailed Naturalsoft support and it was explained to me that I had used up my activations and that I needed to deactivate the licenses on the older machines to install on our new computers. However, I didn’t realize that I had to deactivate older installs to install on new machines. I had formatted and installed a fresh copy of Windows on our previous computers, so deactivation was no longer an option.

I responded to Naturalsoft’s Email explaining this situation and to my surprise, Naturalsoft added two more activations to my license to be able to install on our new computers. Maybe I am just an old cynic, but I was expecting a response saying, I’d have to purchase a new license for the latest and greatest version of the software. So I was very pleasantly surprised by the response that I received from support.

So often when I contact support, not Naturalsoft, but generally, the response I get is “not our problem, hand over the $$$”. So the response I received from Naturalsoft was a breath of fresh air and more companies should take this approach. If Naturalsoft had responded negatively, I would never purchase anything from them again and tell all my friends to steer clear, but now I would recommend them.

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