WWE 2K18, PC/Steam, Useless For Online Play With Friends

WWE 2K18, PC

Many, many years ago, when I still lived in the UK, I used to play WWE Smackdown Vs Raw with a friend on the PlayStation 2 in the mid-noughties, and it was amazing mindless fun. Recently, I saw WWE 2K18 on sale on Steam, so I went ahead and purchased the game, my friend did the same in the hope of rekindling the fun of mid-2000’s WWE games over the Internet as we now live on separate continents.

Both my friend and I were sorely disappointed by our purchase. Playing online, with me hosting on a 150/15Mbit connection was a joke, we were getting 10-15fps while in online mode, however, we both got 60fps+ while in single player mode, so it’s not a hardware limitation causing the performance issue.

Also, there seems to be no way to use Skype and play the game because game voice chat cannot be disabled in game. My friend and I both went into Steam and turned the volume for microphone and receive volumes to minimum in Settings -> Voice configuration. It gets weirder, keep reading…

My friend’s voice was coming through my monitor speakers, which are not used, voice communications is set to output through my Logitech wireless headset and game sounds from my external speaker system.

I did briefly try to play offline but really couldn’t get into it because I was unable to reconfigure the controls when using the Xbox controller driver. I was using a PS3 controller, using a driver that made Windows believe that it was an Xbox controller. It’s not a driver issue as I have no issue reconfiguring the controls in other Steam games such as Dirt Rally. Not everyone likes the same control method, adding the ability to redefine controls seems like something that should be standardized across all games.

And, of course, me being the person I am, instead of just accepting that the game is broken, I minimized the game, while I did some online research, looking for a workaround to these issues, which there were none. But because the game was still active, I amassed three hours of ‘play’ time. Which means that I am stuck with this terrible game as Steam will not grant refunds for games with a play time of over two hours.

I explained why I was requesting a refund; as I consider the game to be defective, but the person reviewing my refund request ignored my words and denied the refund based on time played. My advice is, watch your ‘play’ time, which includes minimized time and menu time, and make your decision on the game quickly to get your money refunded, especially in this time of games being released incomplete.

I literally cannot even give this POS game to someone who might appreciate it, I have uninstalled the game and my only option is to permanently delete the game from my account, which means I literally paid $36 for nothing. One silver lining is that my friend managed to get a refund as he had ‘played’ only 1.75 hours, I would have felt kinda guilty as I requested that he buy the game to play together online.

Looking at the mostly negative recent reviews on Steam, and mixed overall rating, 54% negative. clearly, I am not the only one massively dissatisfied with WWE 2K18. Every year we see one of these WWE games released, clearly as a cash cow, because they know that the ‘WWE Universe’ will buy it regardless of the minimal changes from the previous incarnation. And it seems every year, the game gets a little bit worse.

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