Back 2 School, 2018/19 Edition

Back 2 School 2018

After 13 weeks of summer vacation for the kids, yes, that’s right, you heard that correctly, 13 freaking weeks; when I was at school in the 80s/90s, we got six weeks for summer, my two kids, one freshman in high school, and one 3rd grader are back to school and the silence in my house is deafening.

I’m happy that the kids are back in school for my own sanity and also their chances of staying alive (joke, btw). But, the enrollment process and getting them started has been troublesome, especially for my 14-year-old son, who started high school this year. Information about what is required for enrollment and the upcoming school year has been non-existent from USD259 and his new school, Wichita West High.

We’ll start with my son, Conner, who is the high school freshman, we went to the school to enroll instead of doing it online, as registration needs to be completed at the school, which, in my opinion, makes online enrollment superfluous. We spent more than 2 hours at West High enrolling my son in school, most of that time was queuing at each station, not to mention, zero instruction on the online portion.

Then, this past Tuesday, we knew it was orientation day for freshmen students, but we could not find any information on the start and end times. The West High website, just said orientation day, and to contact the specific school for times, which is daft as I was on the specific website for West High. We tried to call West several times over a week period, and even tried to call the USD259 school district, no response.

We tried one final time to call on Tuesday morning, still no-one picked up the phone, so I drove my son the 7 miles to West for 8am, which is the normal start time for regular school days, which seemed to be the correct time, before going inside with my son to actually communicate with a real person as no-one is answering the phones at either the school district or school itself, not even a voicemail box was offered.

Moving onto my daughter, Alya, who is now a third grader, I enrolled her and paid online, but of course, I still had to go to the school, which again, negates the purpose to online enrollment. The instructions from online enrollment, made it sound like I had to go to the school, sign a few pieces of paper and that would be it. Nope, it was the same station-based thing like West, so I spent more than an hour there.

That hour could have been doubled if it wasn’t for the school book-keeper asking me and a few other parents if we needed to talk to the person at the final, which was actually the first station. I skipped onto station 2 because of the line of parents for station 1. The book-keeper took our paperwork, as we didn’t need to talk to the person at station 1 so we could leave as the wait for station 1 was significant.

The struggle was worth it, both kids are enrolled and have finished their first week of school and seem to be settling in well, especially our freshman student, who is also a high functioning autistic person, so transitions can be hard for him, but he has not talked about any issues thus far, so we are good.

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