Bad Coding Practices Coming Back to Bite Me In The Ass

Good Coding Practices

I have not been that active in doing web design in recent years. The last time I created a business website was 5 years ago when I created a multi-site WordPress environment for my employer’s communities. Which at the time was great, the initial design was coded well, but over the years, making changes on-the-fly has made a refresh difficult as I had hacked the site with inline styles and code on a per-site basis.

Admittedly, I am behind in regard to responsive and mobile design. If I am honest, I have been lacking the motivation to do much in regard to website design, so I have let it slide, which frankly is not good enough when my job in digital marketing is being harmed by not having mobile-friendly websites.

Earlier, this week I started development of a 100% new template, that would be fully responsive, to deploy across more than 20 websites, but I quickly found that would be impossible due to the hacking of the code over the past five years. I will now have to go back and retroactively fix the previous fixes to standardize the websites across the board, which is going to be time-consuming, to say the least!

I have done one website for a friend recently, which, if I am honest is a hack job as well, I didn’t follow good coding practices, but that is not as important as it is a single website, not multisite, so it’s easy to hack to make it work, and I did it for free, and my friend is happy with the design. But, generally, I should apply good coding practices to every project I take on., if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

The plus side of this situation is that I am learning a lot about responsive website design, how to change the layout dynamically based around browser width. breaking down columns to pit on a portrait-oriented phone screen and dynamic sizing of text based on browser width, and above all, I’m enjoying the process.

Finally, a free plug for my friend, James’ website:

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