Stop Micromanaging! Do It Your f**king Self!

Stop micromanaging, or do it your f**king self!

The past few days have been extremely frustrating for me because of a client of the company I work for, micromanaging everything I do, despite what I have been doing working spectacularly well. The client is a commercial development company, who have branched out into residential development for the first time, hiring the company I work for to manage their property and marketing efforts; and yet they feel they know better than a group of people with a collective experience of more than 30 years in the field.

It all started last Wednesday, when, the representative from the client, the property manager, regional manager and I had a ‘meeting’. I put meeting in quotes because it was more of a lecture than a meeting. The client’s rep basically told us what we need to do, with such petty things like criticizing the size of the logo overlay on my photos, the colors, and font I used, because it was something other than the logo colors and font, handing me a sheet with CMYK values and font names, which costs $200, written on it.

It was made clear in this meeting, that the client didn’t want the Facebook page to be for residents, which was fine at the time, but over the weekend, it came to light that Facebook is placed 56th of 58 resources that people use when looking for an apartment, but more highly ranked as a resident resource, so I posted an image for the holiday event on the property, with a view to posting something like “move into our community to live the lifestyle with regular events”, making it clear these events are for residents.

I get an Email within minutes of posting this to Facebook requesting I take it down, I responded with my reasons for posting, sharing a link to the study that showed Facebook pages as an ineffective medium to push apartment rentals. The client’s representative just went back to “we agreed to not post resident posts”, despite the brand new evidence, showing that a Facebook marketing page is extremely limited in generating leads. Which I can corroborate with my own experience in using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Ultimately, I just gave up, if they don’t want to go down the path that would have maximum benefit, in this case, a hybrid marketing/resident posting system for Facebook. If they don’t want to take advantage of my skills in the specific field of rental property marketing, then, so be it. I’ll just do what they request and do nothing more outside of that. If I am honest, I was close to saying “f**k it, do it yourself!”, handing over the page to the client’s representative to manage, I have plenty of other projects to work on.

Obviously, this feeling wasn’t caused by this singular event, it has been going on for months, since the launch of the property, and it has ground me down, I hate the feeling of someone standing over me. If they feel the need to ‘watch over’ the person/company they hired to do the job, they need to do it themselves. It just does not make sense to spend so much time managing an external resource, who you hired to handle aspects of your business, use that time to do it yourself and cut out the middleman.

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