It’s Official! My Body Has Developed A Negative Reaction To Beer

Killswitch Engage, The Cotillion, 4/23/2019

Last night I went to see the Killswitch Engage show at The Cotillion and they were freaking amazing live. But my suspicions that my body has developed some sort of negative reaction to beer was confirmed.

As my wife was also attending the show and I did not need to drive home, I took the opportunity to have a few beers to help loosen me up a little before Killswitch Engage took to the stage, and about halfway through their set, I felt the rumblings of something bad happening in my stomach.

I tried my best to ignore the rumblings in my stomach and enjoy the rest of the show, which I managed to do successfully. But, while I was sat down waiting for my wife to get out of the bathroom, that’s when the nausea kicked in and on the journey home, I was doing my best not to throw up all over the car.

We arrived home and I laid down to try to get the nausea under control, but the worst was still to come. I spent the next 3 hours with my head in the toilet bowl vomiting. I eventually got to sleep a little before 5am, still nauseated, which was still present at 7am when I had to get up to take my son to school.

Even as I write this; 24 hours later, I still feel nauseated, finding it hard to eat anything without the fear of seeing the food again. This is the third time after drinking 5-6 Bud Lights that I have felt like this immediately afterward, so I will stay clear of beer, it’s not worth feeling like this for a handful of beers.

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