Really F1TV Pro? spitting in the face of subscribers!

F1TV Pro 401 Error

A couple of things about F1TV Pro, first, the powers that be at Liberty Media elected to offer the Mexican Grand Prix for free on Twitch, which I believe is spitting in the face of the people who paid good money for the substandard F1TV Pro service, still experiencing issues after more than 18 months.

It’s amazing to me that Liberty Media, a digital media company, has failed to create a fully functional product, which launched two months late due to technical issues, and even 18 months into the service, are still experiencing issues, such as not having the full qualifying replay available until almost a day after it happened, only showing 10 minute highlights and general issues with broadcasts, suddenly stopping.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d make the suggestion that the delayed publication of the Mexican GP qualifying replay is related to the FREE broadcast on Twitch, either deliberately, screwing subscribers, or through incompetence, again, 18 months in, and Liberty Media still haven’t got their shit together.

Additionally, last night, I could not get any videos to load on the F1TV website, and the F1TV app was showing a 401 error, and checking now, the error on the F1TV Pro Android app is still showing the same error message. Plus, given that Liberty is so desperate to break the US market, I’m amazed that they don’t have any intention of creating a ROKU app, meaning I have to hook up my laptop to my TV to watch F1.

OK, I’m off to attempt to watch the Mexican GP…

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