It’s December 15, 2019, D-Day For Sign Up To The ACA!

Medicare-4-All is the only option

The need for Bernie Sanders Medicare-4-All is growing greater by the year, and we, as a family are not even that bad off as some, and we’ve had to make changes to be able to afford healthcare.

My wife’s policy from Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Kansas has jumped 250% from last year, her new premium is $247/month, up from $70/month. Which as I said is not terrible compared to some people out there, having to pay $1,500+/month with a $13,000 deductible for the cheapest family plan.

My health insurance through my workplace, also jumped more than 100%, from $190/month to $420/month. And this insurance is through Aetna, who continually reduce the drug coverage their policy covers, making me have to jump through a million hoops to get the drugs I need. So I have downgraded to the minimum insurance I can get, to make ends meet, so basically no healthcare for me for 2020.

My wife requires medical insurance, so I have made the decision to ignore my diabetes, to ensure that she continues to have decent insurance to cover her drug costs and emergency room visits for her Lupus and Fibromyalgia, plus spine issues, due to a car wreck about 8 years ago. I understand that I’m taking a risk with my health, but I must do what I need to do, The ACA without a public option is useless for most.

As someone who comes from a country where healthcare is a guaranteed right, the UK. I feel that the US needs to have the same, and the only plan, from all Democratic presidential candidates, is Bernie Sanders’ plan, which covers everyone, no exceptions, everyone pays into the system, everyone gets the benefit. Despite early indications, Elizabeth Warren’s plan to weak sauce compared to Sen. Sanders’ plan.

If we had to pay full price for my wife’s insurance plan, it would be a no-go, the total cost before the ACA credit is more than $1,400/month, which for a family earning $61,000/year is not affordable.

I’m hoping for a real progressive blue wave in the 2020 elections, on a state, national and presidential level, if for nothing else other than to assure healthcare for myself and my family. A system where insurance companies can override a doctor in deciding whether a drug is necessary or not is inherently broken. Let’s face it, having a profit-based system for healthcare, be it big pharma, insurance, hospitals or doctors offices will never serve the people, it serves the shareholders, and the almighty dollar is king!

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