My Son: The Thief & A Liar

My son, the serial thief and liar

Apparently, it’s my fault that my 15-year-old son is a thief and a liar, that is what Conner, my son claims, another example of this bullshit entitlement attitude he has, nothing is ever his fault!

Just 15 days ago, on Christmas eve, he got busted for stealing a phone from his grandmother’s house, a phone that we had planned to give him as a surprise on Christmas Day, despite his shitty behavior, attitude and poor grades throughout 2019. If he was honest and worked hard to improve his situation, I would not have to be writing this today, or any of the previous blogs about his self-entitled attitude.

Last night, I was in my router administration panel, when I noticed a ‘Samsung Android Device” connected to my network that I did not recognize. I immediately blocked the device from accessing my network and confronted our son, Conner this morning about it. I could see on his face that he knew he had been busted (again), so he immediately handed over the phone, which I discovered to be another one of his grandmother’s phones, her old Galaxy S4, which she recently replaced with a Galaxy S10e.

I’m kinda annoyed with my mother-in-law because she discovered the phone missing a few days ago, and did not say anything to us, despite what happened 2 weeks earlier. She must have known who took it, there is no-one else with access to her house to take it. Clearly, Conner has no remorse or respect for us, the fact that after being busted for stealing one phone, 3 days later, he stole another phone, on the 27th of December. We are at a loss as to why he continues to steal from us, he’s been busted four times.

Here’s Conner’s logic as to why it is my fault, in September 2018, I threw out his Android tablet as he had repeatedly been breaking the rules we set out for him, using the device outside of allowed hours, into the early hours of the morning, as late as 4am. Conner claims that I made him a thief and a liar because I threw out his tablet, and he could not say goodbye to his online friends. Of course, I call bullshit, he had plenty of time to say goodbye when he stole my old Galaxy S4 some time between losing the tablet, which was only loaned to him and March 2019, when he got busted for using my Galaxy S4 in school.

I feel he has zero respect for myself, my wife, his grandmother or his sister, as once is a mistake, twice is unfortunate, but four times is a pattern. Let’s call him what he is; a thief, and a liar. He has been lying to us for years before I disposed of the tablet. He seems to have this entitlement attitude, which he believes justifies stealing from his family. After he got busted today, he tried to justify his action by saying “it was an old phone MiMi was not using”, personal accountability does not seem to exist in his world.

The reason I feel he doesn’t care about anyone but himself is that, despite me saying “if you were smart, you would not connect to the home Wi-Fi where you know I can see all devices connected”, after the last time. The first time this stolen Galaxy S4 was connected to the network was December 28, 2019 and had transferred 29.9GB of data in that timeframe. Clearly, he knew the jig was up, as when he handed the phone back, he had wiped the device clean, once he could no longer access the home network.

I’m done with the boy, if I could, I would sling him out of the door, today! I don’t want a thief and a liar living under my roof, on my dime. Clearly, he is too far gone, he doesn’t even attempt to show any remorse, instead, he looks at us with disdain when he gets caught red-handed. It’s a harsh world out there, when I can legally throw him out, he will realize how good he actually had it with us.

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