TRUMP! The Real Virus In America!

Trump, The Real Virus In America

While America approaches 60,000 deaths from Coronavirus, closing in on almost 1,000,000 total cases, Donald J. Trump continues to give daily updates from the White House, which are really campaign rallies, masquerading as press conferences, putting out dangerously false information about COVID-19.

While the President did not outright say Coronavirus was a hoax, he claimed the Democrat’s criticism of his administration’s response was a “new hoax”, downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19 in America in late February. Then further played down the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States with the following statement; “When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” – totally ignoring the pandemic.

In mid-March, Trump further played down COVID-19, noting that 36,000 people die from the flu each year, saying “But we’ve never closed down the country for the flu, so you say to yourself, What is this all about?” on Fox News. I remind you, that we are now approaching nearly 60,000 deaths from COVID-19.

We have to mention how Trump was pushing anti-malaria and Lupus drug, hydroxychloroquine, which was untested as a drug to treat COVID-19. The FDA, on Friday, April 24, put out a statement saying that hydroxychloroquine is not safe to use on the Coronavirus, and could be more dangerous than COVID-19 itself. A side effect of Trump pushing this untested drug is that Lupus sufferers, like my wife, could not get their prescriptions filled, due to a lack of inventory in pharmacies around the country.

Miss “Alternative Facts” herself, Kellyanne Conway said on Fox & Friends “This is COVID-19, not COVID-1, folks“, suggesting the World Health Organization should have been on top of the virus, being, the 19th iteration of the Coronavirus, the day after Trump announced he is suspending funding for the WHO, defending Trump’s decision to defund the WHO in the middle of a growing global pandemic.

Clearly, for anyone with a working brain, and an honest actor, knows that the 19 in COVID-19, represents the year the virus was first discovered. Conway, later tweeted out that she knew that the 19 was representing the year, not how many iterations of the Coronavirus there have been. But, as I said before, Kellyanne Conway, is the queen of fake news, and alternative facts, to Trump’s king.

Just this past Friday, Trump suggested in front of the nation’s press that people should inject themselves with disinfectant to cure Coronavirus, after hearing that disinfectant kills COVID-19 on surfaces within minutes. Obviously, disinfectant works on surfaces, that’s what disinfectant does, it’s literally on the label. Trump, later suggested that he was being sarcastic, he was not, he’s just that fucking stupid.

Moving onto the financial response from the Trump administration and Congress, who have signed a multi-trillion-dollar financial package, the majority of which went to massive corporations. The same corporations who benefitted from Trump’s ‘tax reform’ back in 2018, using the tax savings to do stock buybacks, inflating their stock prices, while many of them paid zero federal taxes in the 2019 tax year.

While small businesses, who genuinely need assistance while many of them are shuttered, keeping their workers employed, were handed a much smaller piece of the pie, and even then, larger companies, with many more than 500 employees, were dispersed tens of millions of dollars, which many of them gave back, after backlash on social media, 20 years ago, they would have taken the money and ran.

On an individual level, it’s better, people who sign up for unemployment due to the fallout from Coronavirus, if they can, will get $600 extra per week, on top of what they get from their state. On top of that, everyone earning under $75,000 or $150,000 for married couples will get $1,200 each, plus $500 per child, 17 and under. Which, the wife and I did qualify for, we make less than half of the $150,000 allowed for married couples, which Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin claims should last 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, the people who did not have banking information on record with the IRS had their checks delayed by a few days, because the idiot n’ chief wanted his name on the check, hoping to boost his ratings. And, for those who had their stimulus check directly deposited, a separate letter was sent out from The White House with Trump’s name and signature on it, see the scanned letter below.

Stimulus Letter From The White House

And finally, Trump has threatened to VETO any bill from Congress, which includes emergency funding for the US Postal Service. Trump has long disliked USPS, as he sees his nemesis and billionaire, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, as sending packages too cheaply, with the postal service losing money on each delivery, which is not at all true. Trump just wants to damage Bezos’ bottom line, with a 4 times price hike on delivery.

Why would the USPS want to take business advice from Trump? who went bankrupt six times, including casinos, seriously, how does a casino go bankrupt, the house always wins…

The bottom line here, President Trump has exacerbated the Coronavirus pandemic inside the US by constantly downplaying the virus and misleading the people. If you truly believe that Trump has done a good job in responding to COVID-19, you are beyond help. We still don’t know the true level of infection as the majority of people don’t have access to testing, even when presenting with symptoms.

And now some states are starting to open up again, at the behest of Trump, despite numbers of deaths still rising by over 1,000 per day across the United States. The state stay-at-home orders have helped ‘flatten the curve’, but the reopening of states will almost certainly cause a second wave, which some experts are saying will be worse than the first wave, which thus far has killed over 56,000 Americans.

US COVID-19 Cases, From 2/15/2020 - 4/27/2020

You can keep up to date with the current infection/death rate here.

Finally, stay safe, stay home, where possible, don’t immediately go out resuming your normal lives, even if your state governors and the White House tell you it’s safe to do so. By ignoring the CDC’s advice, you will be extending the pandemic, as the second wave hits, which it will, I believe in science, and the men and women who practice it, not lying Republicans, who care more about the economy than your life.

Additional: There has been a 40% uptick in people drinking or otherwise consuming cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. This is why Donald Trump needs to be censored, mainstream media need to stop coverage of Trump’s COVID-19 pressers because some Americans are fucking stupid. C’mon people, drinking disinfectants, seriously, is there no damn common sense in the Trump base?

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