I Put A Big Smile On My 16-Year-Old Son’s Face

I gifted my ROG Zephyrus GA502 To My Son

I bought this laptop, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G GA502, back in July 2019, and have logged less than 20 hours of usage over the past 15 months, opting to use my Ryzen 7 desktop computer instead.

My 16-year-old son has been using this laptop for the past six weeks for remote learning, and I had planned to give him this gaming laptop at Christmas, putting it back in the box and wrapping it up to put under the tree. But I decided to give it to him a little early, making sure he knows this will be his present from me, as I still have another 9 months of payments on it before the balance is settled.

This decision came about because he wanted a new game yesterday, and the machine he was using is definitely not high end, it was designed for basic real estate work, for my wife, and the game he wanted was under the minimum spec required. Suffice to say, the Zephyrus G GA502 is a big upgrade.

It did not take much to switch it over to my son’s user account as I didn’t have much installed on the laptop as I used it so infrequently. I removed Adobe Creative Cloud and made his user an administrator, had him log into his account and removed my user account, leaving Conner as the only user.

Finally, the thought process in buying this laptop was for me to use if I went into the office, where I work, but since buying the laptop, I literally have never taken it into the office as I work from home, where I’d rather use my desktop machine for work. I’d rather let my son have the laptop and it gets used than sit there collecting dust. On a side note, I actually heard the fans audibly running for the first time while my son was gaming, I had never played a single game on the GAMING laptop since I bought it.

I might get another laptop in the future, but it’ll be something more suited for my use case, I’m not much of a gamer, it will be used for work stuff, so website design, photo editing, video creation etc, and I’d like a 17.3 inch screen, I found a 15.6 inch screen to be a little smaller than ideal for me.

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