Drug me up, baby!

Drug me up, baby

A few weeks back, I developed a very nasty staph infection on the back of my right leg just above my knee. It started with a burning, itching sensation, which started to swell up, before filling up with blood and puss. I simply covered and wrapped my leg, hoping my body could fight it off. But, it was not to be, I broke down and visited the doctor’s office, where I was given some Mepilex silicone absorbent foam dressings, an antibiotic shot, and was prescribed a 10-day course of Sulfameth/Trimethoprim antibiotics.

This is the first time I had been to see a doctor in more than three years, my previous doctor’s office felt like a cattle call, I never felt like they really cared, and that I was a walking dollar symbol, often not getting seen until 30 to 60 minutes after my appointment time. Ultimately, because my employer changed insurance providers, I was no longer able to see that particular doctor, as he was now out of network.

But, this doctor’s office, Healthcore Clinic here in Wichita, is much different, I feel like they care, they take the time to listen and diagnose my physical and mental health issues, and I get seen within a few minutes of my appointment time. And, they have a sliding scale billing system, so I will not be bankrupted by a doctor’s office visit, which is an issue in the US, medical care is crazy expensive, a 30-minute visit to the ER for a spider bite cost close to $3,000, thankfully, this is being covered by workers compensation.

Getting to the title of this blog, I already knew I had type 2 diabetes, which has basically gone untreated, mainly because of my own stubbornness, but also due to fear of running up significant medical bills when we are already drowning in debt. But we also found out after some lab work, that I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so now I am on Metformin, Lisinopril, and Atorvastatin, in addition to Levofloxacin antibiotics as my leg infection has not fully healed after the previous 10-day course.

I always make sure my family’s health needs are taken care of, while neglecting myself. My wife keeps pointing out that I can’t look after them if I don’t take care of myself. She’s right, but my stubbornness has probably caused significant damage to my body. This infection has been a wake-up call, I need to see a doctor, take my meds, especially as all these issues I am taking medication for runs in my family.

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