Lewis Hamilton: is he the GOAT? I don’t think so!

 Lewis Hamilton: is he the GOAT? I don’t think so!

Lewis Hamilton recently passed 100 race victories, in addition to his seven world drivers titles, which is some feat, I will not deny that he is one of the best drivers, but unlike so many Lewis Hamilton fanatics, I do not think he is the Greatest Of All Time. The argument I always get from Hamilton fans is he is the GOAT because he has the most wins and most titles, making the assumption title #8 is coming soon.

The reason I say he is not the GOAT is that ever since 2014, with the exception of 2016, where his teammate Nico Rosberg narrowly beat him to the title, he has had little to no competition because in the new hybrid V6 turbo era, before 2021, Mercedes were a country mile ahead of the rest of the field in terms of speed and reliability. To be called the GOAT, a driver needs to compete on a level playing field.

in 2014, the first year of the new hybrid V6 turbo era, Hamilton won the title by 67 points from his teammate, Rosberg, and 146 points clear of the 3rd placed driver.  In 2015, it was a similar story, 59 points ahead of his teammate, and 103 points ahead of #3 in the driver’s championship.

In 2017, Valtteri Bottas replaced Rosberg, who retired after winning his only WDC title; as Hamilton’s teammate and Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari finished 2nd to Hamilton, trailing by 46 points. 2018 was another easy win for Hamilton, finishing a massive 88 points ahead of Vettel, that’s a gap of more than 3 race wins. In 2019, Hamilton beat Bottas by 87 points, and in 2020 beat Bottas by a ridiculous 124 points.

Hamilton amassed all these wins and titles thanks to a dominant car, and with respect to Bottas, a lesser teammate. I’m not at all saying that Hamilton is not one of the greats, but put Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, or Max Verstappen in Hamilton’s position at Mercedes and they could have matched Hamilton’s achievement. This is the problem with F1 in my opinion, often you have one team dominant for a number of seasons, before Mercedes, it was Red Bull, and before that it was Ferrari, it’s not necessarily the best driver that wins multiple races and world drivers championships.

The amount of times I have been accused by commenters online of being a racist, because I don’t believe that Hamilton is as great as they do, is insane. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m not racist, if I am, I am doing it really, really wrong, given that my wife of 13 years is black and my kids are mixed race.

I would prefer for every driver to pilot a spec car, where all cars are equal, then we will see who is truly the best. Additionally, I find using pure numbers to crown the GOAT flawed, as over the years, seasons have gotten longer, and the points scoring system has changed significantly. If we went back and worked out title winners based on the old 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for first through sixth, we’d have different outcomes.

If you are a Lewis Hamilton fan and cannot understand how the Mercedes chassis and engine package has contributed to his huge success, I guess there is nothing I can say or do that will change your mindset. Hamilton could potentially be the GOAT, but given the significant car advantage he has been blessed with from 2014 thru 2020, for me, it’s hard to justify the use of GOAT in regard to Hamilton, when the majority of his peers were not afforded the same Mercedes advantages for the best part of a decade.

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