Christmas 2021!

Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 has been a pleasant experience, and of course, the kids cleaned up with presents, it’s always nice when family comes home for the holidays, which was not the case in 2020 because of COVID-19, which is sadly still with us, but with many people now vaccinated, we can at least travel in relative safety, allowing my brother in law to come home for the holidays for the first time in 2 years.

Of course, it wouldn’t be  Christmas without me getting sick, but I persevered with the help of some Mucinex DM to keep the symptoms at bay, to be able to spend Christmas day and subsequent days at my mother-in-law’s house with family, and enjoy some of my mother-in-law’s delicious cooking!!!

Personally, I don’t worry about receiving gifts for Christmas, my family is all I need, but I do enjoy seeing everyone else opening their gifts, although my wife went against my wishes and bought me a gift anyway.

Our 17-year-old son, Conner got an Oculus Quest 2, a selection of new clothes from his grandmother, and $200 in spending money, which he promptly spent on video games from STEAM. Our 12-year-old daughter, Alya got an Asui Tsuyu (Froppy) costume from My Hero Academia, an indoor play tent, a Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid Doll, a charm bracelet making set, and a bunch of clothes.

We bought my mother-in-law, Billye a Williams Sonoma 14-inch Sauté Pan, she wanted the 12-inch, but I was unable to get the 12-inch in time for Christmas, so I upgraded her. Which turned out to be a bad idea, as she had already bought herself the 14-inch Sauté Pan in the summer, so we had to return the 14-inch Sauté Pan and order the 12-inch Sauté Pan today, so OOPS! but she’ll get her desired size next week!

My wife, Erin got a Photography Hair Blower fan from me, a Bissell upright vacuum cleaner from her mother, plus clothes. We got my brother-in-law, Michael, a Buddha statue, which he loved, and finally, I received a pair of Adidas shoes from my mother-in-law and a Toastmaster oil fryer from my wife.

While my brother-in-law was in town, I upgraded his 6th generation i7 laptop to SSD storage, installing a 1TB Samsung 870 EVO, replacing his 1TB spinning rust hard disk, vastly speeding up his system. We were also going to upgrade him to 32GB of RAM but decided against it as we’d have to replace both 8GB sticks installed with two 16GB sticks, which were kinda expensive, $350+tax, as his laptop uses DDR3L 1600mhz RAM, which is sold at a premium as we are two generations on, with DDR5 recently being released.

I really look forward to Christmas, when the family gets together, the holiday itself I can take or leave, but family is extremely important to me, which makes Christmas a good time of year for me personally.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to one and all!

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